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October 12, 2007
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Coffee Stains Photoshop Brush by Divinity-bliss Coffee Stains Photoshop Brush by Divinity-bliss
OMG Did I just update something after months of not doing so????!!!:noes:

Anywho, I decided to create custom-made brushes. I'll admit, they're not the greatest in the world, but they're helpful for me at least. I thought I'd share these brushes for your uses too. I'm not sure who's going to need these but it's at least in any time you'll need it, it's always there. I had planned to make more than what is shown, but out of the several pages I stained with coffee only two of them were decent enough to make brushes out of. It was a bit disappointing but I'm going to do more another time and hopefully get more more "splatter" ones. (note: don't write when tired)

Rules or regulations on these?

The only thing I do ask is for you not to take credit for these or say you've created them. I've wasted ten pieces of paper to get these, and it turns out that only two of them were useful. So it did take a bit of work on my part =P And don't distribute them or sell them. That's just evil :(

However, I don't care if you credit me or not. It would be HIGHLY appreciated, but not required. I don't really care if you download without faving (though I'd love you all night long if you do :flirty: ) or telling me (see previous comment in the other parenthesis). But I truly would appreciate it if you commented. I'm lonely sometimes :< I don't really care if you use them in or out of DA, nor does it bother me if you use these in a commission, prints or commercial products. So basically if you want it, take it. It's yours, just don't take credit for my work, nor sell them, distribute, w/e. Otherwise, have fun, live long, and all that good stuff.

Edit: I'm so lonely D:

Edit 2: I did these in Adobe PS 7, and are compatible to anything above that. However, if you have Photoshop 6 and under click the [link] for the image. If you need them any larger let me know

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how do you use these...I open in photoshop and it is a blank canvas?

Do you have Photoshop 7 or higher?

I think it helps if you unzip the file first if you want to open the jpeg. But to load the brushes, you go brush options, load brushes, amend it to your current brush sets and it should show up in the brush menu.…

Hope this helps :)
Looks great :) Glad these came of use!
Thank you! ^_^
hantoresunosora75 Aug 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks!!!! (nvn)
I love this brush pack man, nice work :D
I'm gonna be using them in a game interface mockup, if you don't mind?
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